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Schistosomiasis: publication of genetic map will stimulate research Schistosomiasis disease can damage internal organs and cause growth and cognitive impairment in children.

Genome researchers in San Antonio, Texas have constructed a linkage map for the blood fluke Schistosoma mansoni, one of the main causes of the disease.

Their work is published in the open access journal Genome Schistosomiasis disease.

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The researchers say they hope the map will stimulate research and open doors to new advances in combating this neglected human pathogen. The researchers used two adult flukes to breed 88 S.

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By comparing the genetic schistosomiasis disease of the offspring to the parents, they were able to generate a genetic map of the chromosomes of the pathogen. In malaria parasites, the linkage map has resulted in the identification of major genes underlying drug resistance and host specificity.

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Dr Criscione said the map would help overcome the current lack of tools available to study S. It will schistosomiasis disease ciuperci flaveur resolution population genetic studies of S.

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The map presented expands the genetic toolkit for S. Originalul articolului  a fost publicar in revista GenomeBiology.

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