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In ce masura, acest material si conduita se conformeaza normelor etice, dupa cunostinta dumneavoastra? Zona gri.

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Exista elemente controversate care nu pot fi calificate in mod clar ca fiind abateri? In opinia dvs. Puteti avea in vedere proceduri, asteptari intr-un context international, comparatii cu situatii similare, posibil impact etc.

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Ce spun expertii de pana acum Recenziile de mai jos au fost trimise de experti independenti. Ei au fost invitati de persoane independente ca si tine academici sau publicul larg sa raspunda intrebarilor de pe Integru.

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It violates all norms paste recenzii recenzii scholarly integrity paste recenzii recenzii my field. It is unfortunately blatant and wholesale plagiarism in black and white.

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Although the plagiarising academic now works in a different. Although the plagiarising academic now works in a different field, she has presumably benefited from having appeared to have earned a doctorate. In paste recenzii recenzii last few years the President of Hungary and two leading German politicians have resigned from office when similar discoveries were made about their "PhDs".

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The question arises in this context of who can and should apply sanctions. This case paste recenzii recenzii so flagrant that it calls for wider investigation of the culture and practices of the graduate school in which the perpetrator was educated.

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Is there adequate instruction about scholarly and academic practice and adequate inculcation of appropriate academic norms? What are the students taught about scholarly integrity? While an exemplary and deterrent case can be made of this paste recenzii recenzii, it would be shortsighted to do so without investigating how such violation of international standards was permitted to come about and whether there are more such instances.

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This complies with no ethical norms at all. This person has simply copied my dissertation, in most cases word for word, for hundreds of pages.

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There is no grey zone. Citeste raspunsurile Q1. There is no grey zone here. Nothing here is legitimate.

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There has been no attempt by the plagiarist to add original research or to give credit to the real author. Paste recenzii recenzii plagiarist's Ph. Further, since my dissertation was also published by Garland Press, they should be informed since they probably have a legal case against this person. NIo, the whole effort clearly qualifies as misconduct. This is. This is a flagrant, indeed shameless, plagiarism, and the outcome of the case should be a punishment that fits the crime.

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In my opinion, that means that whatever advantage this plagiarism gained the person, academic or economic, should be withdrawn or canceled. If this writing gained the person an academic post, it should be taken from her. At my institution, Amherst College USA she would be dismissed from her post and from working at the paste recenzii recenzii. If the Romanian book is the same text, translated from English into Romanian, it shows truly bad faith and an intent to deceive.

In my opinion, that calls for a further sanction. This person is now in her early 40s probably, and is well established in this other area.

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I see no evidence in the documents you have sent me to suggest misconduct in this other area. But a full investigation would need to discover the norms and checks for producing doctoral or other academic work. But a full investigation would need to discover the norms and checks for producing doctoral or other academic work in this person's degree-granting institution; isolating a single flagrant case may distract from whatever lamentable situation allowed it.

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