Aggressive cancer weeks to live

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Until I can get back to work, I am reaching out for help. I can win this fight against cancer with your help!

aggressive cancer weeks to live

My health has been in steady decline, and until recently, it was a mystery to many doctors and myself. Not only that, but that I may not live to see another birthday.

There is hope however, and with your help and support alongside my adherence to some major treatments and immediate commencement of chemotherapy, I still have a good chance to celebrate my 33rd birthday. After all these years of making memories, I've been losing a fight with cancer With the grace of God, I will get better.

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I am determined to live more than the 2 weeks to 9 months they have given me. I love and appreciate everything everyone has ever done for me, good and bad, because I've learned from it.

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Hopefully someday I'll be back on my feet and healthy. Upon a planned trip to be with my family, my doctor told me I wouldn't survive another month, and maybe not even the trip home If I didn't get admitted to the hospital, and begin aggressive treatment immediately.

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Chemotherapy has begun as of October 7th, but I aggressive cancer weeks to live at least 4 months left, during which time I will be unable to work and praying daily that somehow I will get through this financially, I need help in order to aggressive cancer weeks to live healthy again and sheltered during my treatment time.

I'm reaching out to all the kind hearted people, is in the form of financial help and support.

Aggressive cancer in face,

I've been unable to work because of the cancer, it's completely disabled me. I am unable to walk without a cane, and more than an hour of activity causes me the need to rest because my leg swells up and becomes very painful.

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I have applied for social security disability, food stamps, and state assistance, but they all have waiting periods. This all has left me with no income to live while going neuroendocrine cancer unicorn the projected 4 months of treatment.

aggressive cancer weeks to live

To top off the fact that I suffered the loss of income and the ability to have gainful employment, other factors have made my situation worse. The day I was admitted into the hospital, out of the kindness of my heart, I let my friend borrow my car so she aggressive cancer weeks to live visit her children.

After 2 days she contacted me while I was lying in my hospital bed to tell me that she wrecked my car.

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In addition to the lack of income and needed car repairs, I was told to move out of my house the day I was checked into the hospital. The owner, whom I shared the house with, was afraid that she would become sick because of my cancer.

Last week doctors told Mike Petrosino that they used all the arrows in their quiver for the battle the young man has waged against cancer since Apriltwo months before his 14th birthday. He was then an eighth grader. Advertisement "Seeing Rusty come visit was one of the few things that has been able to make his brother John smile," one friend said. That aggressive cancer weeks to live posted a picture of the tearful goodbye on Reddit under the username 7thEvan. Advertisement "Two days ago we found out that after 8 years, the amputation of his leg, and four rounds of cancer that there's now nothing that they can do," the friend said Friday.

Luckily, a local housing foundation has gotten me a temporary living situation. However, I am going to need to find a place to live very soon and need to raise money for my move-in fees deposits and rent. Besides the repairs I have to pay for my car that my "friend" wrecked and a new place to live to prevent homelessness, I have very few expenses that need to be covered.

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They include: phone, transportation, cat food and wellness, food and personals, car insurance, and my car payment. If you can find it in your hearts to help me with a penny, a nickel, a smile, or any other form of support, I am already truly grateful for your time.

My phone number will not change if I can manage to keep the bill paidand neither will my email. Love and Appreciate you all, Cell: